Our Mission

FightBackUSA is a new social and political action platform built to mobilize communities across the country, transform anger into action and block the Trump Administration’s radical agenda by targeting key races in the 2018 United States midterm elections. 
FightBackUSA, comprised of young people and active citizens of all backgrounds, is prepared to battle tenaciously over the next four years to stop a President and Congress that pose a direct threat to the social progress we have made in recent years. FightBackUSA will actively engage with and take action on several critical issues including economic fairness, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, women's health, climate change, fair elections and gun safety.

Millions more Americans said no to the Trump agenda on Election Day 2016 - together we can stop Donald Trump and his elected enablers. Sign up now!


About FightBackUSA

FightBackUSA is inspired by a legacy political action committee called Fight Back New York, which through direct political action (i.e. calling state legislators and mobilizing activists and donors) successfully garnered the votes needed to pass gay marriage in the the state of New York in June of 2011. The organization effectively disbanded once its mission was complete. FightBackUSA will build on the work Fight Back New York achieved while broadening the range of issues and playing aggressively at the national level.

FightBackUSA was founded by a group of active and concerned citizens who saw the outcome of the presidential election as an opportunity. We come from diverse backgrounds with different professional experiences outside of traditional politics. We are tech entrepreneurs, marketing experts, bankers and CEOs. Join us.